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Come learn about our Impact United Recreation Referee program!

Become an Impact Referee

Impact offers clinics early spring and again in mid summer to train our Recreation referees. These clinics require prior study, classroom attention and passing of a written exam.

Referee Levels and Minimum Requirements:

  • Must be at minimum age 12.
  • Must have and always conduct oneself with a positive and professional attitude.
  • Must be able to work Saturdays.
  • Must attend Club Recreation Referee Clinic at the beginning of each season.
  • Pass Recreation Referee test, with minimum required test score.
HINT: ALL answers are in the Recreation Referee Course.pdf handout, found in the top of the Resource Library, to the right or below on this page -->

Referee Costs

  • No Additional Recreation Referee Costs.
  • No Clinic Fee and No Uniform Fee.  Referee Shirt, Whistle, and Flags (if needed) are provided.

Game Day Expectations

  • Prior to arriving at the field know the age specific times & rules for your game
  • Arrive at field at least 10 minutes prior to game time and begin to check players in as soon as possible.
  • Games MUST begin on time. Teams can start the game short of players and add them as they arrive.  If a game starts late, shorten each half equally so that it will end on time and let each coach know how long the halves will be.  
  • Games MUST end on time.  If the game begins late, the game must end on time. Emphasis on game start and end times for U8, U9 & U10: These game times are scheduled one hour apart.  They each have (2) 25 minute halves and a 5 minute halftime.  This only gives you 5 minutes between games.  Please make sure you end games on time so the following game will start on time.   
  • Be prepared with shirt, whistle, coin, watch, water, sunscreen, rules of play grid, paper/pen/pencil.
You will be assigned to a referee assignor. They will contact you once game schedules are done to get you scheduled to referee. If you have any questions, please contact your referee assignor.

General Information

  • Referees must be at least one year older than the age group they are refereeing, except when AR (lines) for U14/U18 games. 
  • Once you have accepted a game to referee it is your responsibility to be at the correct field, on time, and ready to go.  We are counting on you!
  • All games MUST be scheduled by an Impact United Referee Assignor.  Do not call another referee to take a game that you have been scheduled to referee.
  • Referee Cancellations:  If it is past Thursday and you are scheduled to referee a game on Saturday of that week you are required to be at that game.  If you cannot referee that game you must contact your referee coordinator and speak to him/her directly.  You cannot send an e-mail, text or leave a voice mail.  You will be expected to referee the game you are scheduled for until you have spoken with your coordinator.

Pay Details & Schedule

We use a pay scale designed to promote referees who have worked more games AND achieve higher test scores for the respective pay level.

To receive pay increases, you must: 

  1. Meet the required threshold of total games worked, 
  2. Attend a referee clinic at the beginning of the season, 
  3. Pass the test with the minimum required score for that Pay Level. (Test re-take opportunities will be available.)

​Note: Games worked will be summarized at the end of the season and pay increases will be effective at the beginning of the next season. There will be no mid-season pay adjustments

Referee Payment Schedule

Referee Clinics & Workshops

Taught by the Impact United Referee Coordinators and Recreation Committee members, the basic level clinic is required to referee for Impact United Recreation.  ​There is no cost for this clinic and it should take approx. 3 hours.

Prior to the clinic, please do the following:

  • You must RSVP via this online form (New for available soon for 2023!)
  • After you RSVP you will be sent an email with a link to take a Pre-Clinic Quiz. We will send an email with your results and areas to further study in preparing for the clinic.  
  • Study the Recreation Referee Course.pdf
  • Arrive 10 minutes early to check in and be prepared to take notes

Many times, prospective referees come to the clinic without prior study, thinking they know all the rules already, and then fail the test. Please do not be one of them. Study the Recreation Referee Course.pdf thoroughly, take the online practice quiz as many times as you want, BE PREPARED.

Any questions? Contact impactunitedreferees@gmail.com.

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