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United Champions Cup - July 10-13th 

María Yépez

Gender: Girl
Experience: Recreation
Dear Directors of Impact United Soccer Club,

I am pleased to introduce María Yepez, a passionate 10-year-old soccer player. Despite her young age, María has been actively involved in various recreational soccer programs. All her coaches have agreed that her talent and dedication make her suitable for competition at a higher level.

María comes from a family with a rich sporting legacy. Her father was a professional soccer player in his home country, and her sisters have represented their country in basketball at the national team level and have played at the university level in Canada. This sporting heritage is deeply reflected in María’s understanding of the game, her work ethic, and her natural ability.

At Impact United, María seeks to further develop her talent in a high-quality, community-focused environment. We are confident that her inclusion would enrich the program and contribute significantly to María’s growth as a soccer player.

We appreciate your consideration for María’s admission to your prestigious club.
Edwin Yépez

Parent/Guardian Details

Name: Edwin Yepez
Phone: 3854806848
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