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Jack Steed

Gender: Boy
Experience: Recreation
Looking at options for Jack. Jack has only played only one full year of recreational soccer (impact). He is signed up for another year (impact) this spring and fall (Roberge). He is on the lower end of skill set, because of limited exposure, but practices 3 to 4 times a week on his own to improve. He wants to continue to improve and play with others who want the same, but not finding the team atmosphere/commitment that is similar to his at the recreational level. Often times the teams he has been on are short handed and not competitive (most games where 0 to 15. or worse) . However, he has only played one year and is still limited in skill and knowledge. Not sure where to go from here. Jack as a high interest in soccer, but not a lot of experience. I understand that there are different skill levels (A, B, and C teams) on the comp level and wondering if there is a place for him at the lower comp levels or if impact even has that option. Really, just looking at options for him. Thanks.

Parent/Guardian Details

Name: Greg Steed
Phone: 801-889-7173
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