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Bennett Heder

Gender: Boy
Experience: Competition
My son has been playing for Razzia FC this season as his first season of competition soccer. It has been a good learning experience for us as his parents and him as a player, but the support and training Razzia can offer is limited by their model, and general lack of organization.

He has been playing as the anchor in the midfield in a 3-2-3. He loves the midfield he is smart, fast, and aggressive and wants to continue developing as an attacking midfielder.

His Razzia team has been playing and dominating in Metro Blue, and are moving to white for the Spring. We want to make a change for the 2024-2025 season. I am looking at a few different clubs but Impact has been recommended to us.

I would love if he could come work out with the club just to get a feel for the culture and skill expectations, he wants to be ready for tryouts and understands that the expectations will be higher for him if he hopes to make the roster of an already established team. (he is a relatively serious kid and loves soccer)

I would love to get in touch with someone to talk about things - and evaluate options.

- Ben Heder

Parent/Guardian Details

Name: Ben Heder
Phone: 8017098667
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