U9-U12: May 22-25
Comp Tryout Dates
Comp Tryouts
U13-U19: May 30-June 2


Q: Who can I contact for information about the competition program?

Check the Competition team page and review the info here in the Resources FAQs section. E-mail or call the Competition Registrar: Melinda Sorensen compregistrar@impactunited.com (801) 971-1699 Please call between 6-8 pm – response to be within 24 hours of message. E-mail or call the Competition Director: Ben Gardner CompDirector@ImpactUnited.com (801) 597-2212

Q: Who do I contact for recreation soccer program information?

E-mail our Registrar or Director: RecRegistrar@ImpactUnited.com, RecDirector@ImpactUnited.com. Check FAQ.

Q: How do I register as a recreation coach?

Q: I am having difficulty logging into my account.

Our Technical Support is available to assist you with technical difficulties with your account. They can be reached at 1-888-211-3444 from Monday-Friday 8:00am-7:00pm MDT. Saturday-Sunday 8:00am-4:00pm

Q: How are team pictures and awards handled?

Generally, team pictures are taken during the spring season. “Fall only” teams will have pictures taken during the fall season. Impact United provides one team photo for each player. If additional photos are desired, individual players may order directly from the photographer. See our Picture Schedule and Order Form for more information. Player Registration fees includes the basic picture package. Please make team pictures a priority so each player can have the promised package. The photographer will have team rosters at picture time. Players not on the roster will not be in the team picture. Please insure the team roster is accurate to avoid discrepancies and disappointment. Pictures and Awards are handed out by coaches during the spring season. If coaches cannot pick up pictures, they will need to arrange to pick them up directly from the photographer. Pictures and Awards should be distributed to the team following the last game of the season.

Q: What is the game cancellation policy for inclement weather?

GAMES WILL NOT BE CANCELLED FOR RAIN, unless lightning is present. We encourage playing through light rain or cold weather conditions. We recommend you attend your games with the intent of playing, and then if the rain becomes heavier or does not abate you may consider abandoning the game with mutual consent of both coaches. It is the policy of Impact United Soccer Club to cancel any game or practice at the FIRST sign of LIGHTNING. If there is enough snow accumulation that prevents the lines from being seen at your game field, the game is automatically cancelled. In some cases we have agreed to not to play at certain venues if the ground is extremely wet. We will advise you if your game is at one of those locations. If you don’t hear from us, your game is on. For any other reasons to cancel a game, both coaches must mutually agree. If a game is canceled, the coaches must notify the Referee Assignor for your age group /field at least one hour prior to game time so the referees can be contacted. The Referee Assignor’s Name and Phone Number is listed on the Schedule Page for your Age Group. There will be no rescheduled games.

Q: Can a kid play for only one of the Fall or Spring seasons?

Impact United registers players for a single season only as space is available. Fall only players will be placed on fall only teams as space allows. Fall only registration is not online. To register for fall only, email the registrar at RecRegistrar@impactunited.com for details. Spring only players will be placed on spring only teams, or if there is an open spot on an existing team. Priority for team selection and placement is given to players who register for a full year. Spring Season wait-list registration will open on March 1st.

Q: What is the refund policy for recreation soccer?

Requests made for a refund will be honored only when requested no later than 5pm the day before the first game of the fall season. All requests for refunds must be made in writing via email to the Registrar, specifying the following: The parent/guardian that registered the child. The name, age, and date of birth of the player. The reason for seeking the refund. A $20 non-refundable fee is applied to all refunds. This amount covers non-refundable State and district fees as well as credit-card processing charges. Refund Requests should be e-mailed to Impact United at RecRegistrar@ImpactUnited.com.

Q: Where do I get uniforms for recreation teams?

Uniforms are not included in the price of registration. They must be purchased separately at Soccer International located at 3956 S. Highland Dr. Ask for the Impact United Recreation uniform. The uniform consists of 2 adidas jerseys (one black and one white), one pair adidas shorts, and one pair adidas socks. This same uniform can be worn multiple years until your child grows out of it or it wears out. Shin guards are mandatory at all practices and games. Soccer cleats are preferred, but are not mandatory.

Q: Who coaches the recreation teams?

Impact United Recreation program is a volunteer organization. We rely on parent volunteers to coach their children. We can only create teams if we have parents willing to coach those teams. Impact United makes every effort to help train and educate our volunteer coaches in the best method for coaching youth soccer. If you would like to volunteer as a coach please register through the online registration system.

Q: When and How will I know when practices start?

Impact United holds a coaches meeting approximately 2 weeks before the start of each season. Coaches sign up for their practice fields at this meeting. They are encouraged to start practices and contact their players as soon after this meeting as possible. Players registering for a full year (both fall and spring seasons) will remain on the same team for both seasons.

Q: When will I know who my child's coach is?

Impact United holds a coaches meeting approximately 2 weeks before the start of each season. Coaches sign up for their practice fields at this meeting. They are encouraged to start practices and contact their players as soon after this meeting as possible. Players registering for a full year (both fall and spring seasons) will remain on the same team for both seasons.

Q: Where and when are recreation practices?

Practice place and time is determined by each coach. Prior to the start of each season, our coaches sign up for their practice field and time. They will let their team know the day and time of their practice. Most teams practice once per week during the season.

Q: When are recreation games played?

Games are played on Saturdays. They are scheduled throughout the day beginning in the morning and ending in the early afternoon. Game schedules will be available online about one week prior to the start of each season.

Q: Where will recreation games be played?

Impact United is generally located in the Highland, Skyline, , East, Olympus and Cottonwood High School geographic areas. Our game fields are located throughout these neighborhoods. Game fields are determined by field size and player age group. In younger age groups where we have several divisions, we make every effort to schedule games in close proximity to the teams’ geographic area. Older teams will play on fields located throughout the Impact United community.

Q: How big are recreation teams?

Impact United has determined the team size limit using recommendations from UYSA for maximum player opportunity and development. U-5, U-6, and U-7 play 4 v. 4 with a maximum team size of 8 players. U-8 and U-9 play 6 v. 6 with a maximum team size of 10 players. U-10 through U-18 play 8 v. 8 with a maximum team size of 12.

Q: Can my daughter play on a girls only team?

Girls only teams begin at age U-7. Girls have the option of playing on either an all girls team or on a coed team.

Q: How are teams formed?

Teams will be formed honoring player requests for a specific coach or to play with a friend, in as much as possible. However, this only applies up to the maximum team size and on a first come, first serve basis. Further, Impact United reserves the right to adjust teams for size and/or competitive balance. After player requests are considered, we try to group players together by geographic area using the Elementary School boundary in which players live as a guideline. Priority will be given to all requests received before May 31st. Impact United makes every effort to honor your requests within the guidelines and limitations we have. When other options are not available, players will be placed on teams that need players.

Q: What is the registration fee?

Impact United is offering an early bird registration fee of $95 for all players registered by May 31. The regular registration fee of $105 will be charged to all registrations received June 1 thru June 30. A nonrefundable late fee of $20 will be added to all registrations received after June 30th. Registration closes July 15.

Q: How do I register and pay for my child to play recreation soccer

All registration and payment is done online through our online registration system. Payment is by credit card or electronic check.

Q: How old do you have to be to start playing Competition soccer?

The child must be 8 by July 31st of the current year to tryout for competition soccer. Some exceptions can be made for physically and athletically advanced kids who are close to the cutoff date.

Q: How old do you have to be to start playing Academy Elite soccer?

Academy Elite is for 5, 6, and 7 year old boys and girls. The child must be 5 years old by July 31st of the current year.

Q: What is the cutoff for each age group?

Playing age group is determined by the month and year in which your child is born. Age groups are listed as U5 or Under 5 if your child is 4 years old as of July 31, or U10 (under 10) if your child is 9 years old as of July 31, etc.

Q: How old do you have to be to start playing recreation soccer?

Players must be at least 4 years old by July 31 to play recreation soccer. The age group matrix is included below. Playing age group is determined by the month and year in which your child is born.

Q: Can a child play with an arm cast?

Yes, provided it has been completely and safely covered in bubble wrap or other soft protective wrap and has been cleared to play by their health provider.

Q: When does the season start and end?

- Fall season starts in August and ends in October. There will be no games on Labor Day Weekend and UEA for Fall Recess. - Spring season starts in April and ends in early June.

Q: What uniforms are worn in games?

Competition teams play in our club uniforms purchased every 2 years. Those playing in the Recreation and Academy program will continue to play in the Impact Recreation uniform. It can be purchased at Soccer International.

Q: What are kids expected to wear for training sessions?

Impact will generally provide a training shirt. The shorts and socks should be appropriate for soccer, and black, if possible. This gear, including Impact training shirts, is available at Soccer International in Holladay Utah. Kids are also to wear appropriate soccer cleats/shoes and SHINGUARDS!

Q: Can friends play on the same team?

We cannot guarantee that friends will be placed on the same competition team. Requests can be made to the involved coaches, but kids are placed on teams based on skill level and team needs. If playing with friends is the main intention, the Impact Recreation Program would be more flexible to accommodate.

Q: What if my son or daughter do not make a competition team after tryouts?

Those who do not make a team can still train in the Winter Academy Sessions and play in the Recreation program. The teams are continually evaluated to make sure everyone is playing at the appropriate level. The coaches and Competition committee will do their best to have every player that wants to tryout, make a team. They also have to ensure that there is enough players to form a solid team.

Q: How many referees are assigned to games for each age group?

U6-U8: No Referees. There are field monitors, but coaches general enforce loose rules. U9-U12: 1 Referees U13-U19: 3 Referees

Q: How many players are on the field for each age group?

U6-U8: 4v4 Players U9-U10: 7v7 Players U11-U12: 9v9 Players U13-U19: 11v11 Players

Q: What size soccer ball is used for each age group?

U6-U8: Size 3 U9-U12: Size 4 U13-U19: Size 5

Q: What is the roster sizes for each age group?

U6-U8: 8-12 Players U9-U10: 9-12 Players U11-U12: 11-15 Players U13-U19: 11-18 Players

Q: Are there tryouts for U9-U10 teams?

Yes. Tryouts are held annually at Bonneville Jr High. Teams will be formed by Academy training staff and the Impact Competition committee. These teams will function just like Impact Competition teams. Tryouts take place the week before Memorial Day

Q: What is SCL?

State Competition League. It is a competitive league for U9-U19. Competition Leagues begin at U9.
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