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United Champions Cup - July 10-13th 
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Paul Proctor

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Paul Proctor is a self-proclaimed football “junkie.” He has played all of his life including playing D1 college soccer and getting a pro invite (and still plays). He has attended the last three World Cups (2022 Qatar, 2018 Russia, 2014 Brazil) and is an avid fan of Chelsea from the English Premier League. He is a student of the game and is always learning about how to improve performance of his players. The mantra for his teams is MWW: Mental Toughness, Winning Mentality, and Work Rate. He structures his team preparation around Johan Cruyff’s five fundamentals of football: Shooting, Passing, Dribbling, Ball Control, and Heading. He also looks to maximize touches on the ball per player. Some sessions each player will touch the ball over 3000 times (in an hour and a half). Coach Paul focuses on playing a possesion game. He encourages his players to scan and move constantly through the course of a game. His teams have achieved the highest honors in Utah Youth Soccer (State Cup Winners) and continue to grow and produce great outcomes at both the team level and on the individual level. Coach Paul’s teams have participated in Desert Conference (and won), Northwest Conference (Club v Club), and are slated to participate in the Far West Regional Tournament and the P.R.O. league. When Coach Paul’s teams travel they generally visit local universities at recruiting age to start to explore options for play at the next level. You can follow Coach Paul and his teams on Instagram: @foocoach

USYS D License
UYSA Premier Coach
UHSAA High School Coach

Impact Coaching History:

2022-23: 2009 Girls First Place Fall P2 Finish
2011 Girls First Place Fall Premier Finish
2011 Girls Desert Conference Champs
2011 Girls Premier Super Copa Champs
2011 Girls Park City Extreme Cup Champs
2011 Girls Wasatch Cup Runners-up

2021-22: 2009 Girls Elite Summer Night Lights Champs
2009 Girls Adidas Cup Runners-up
2011 Girls First Place Premier Finish
2011 Girls State Cup Champs
2011 Girls Impact Tournament Champs
2011 Girls Sparta Cup Runners-Up
2011 Girls Adidas Cup Runners-Up

2020-21: 2009 Girls First Place Premier Finish
2009 Girls Storm Cup Champs
2009 Girls Jackson Hole Fall Classic Champs
2009 Girls Wasatch Cup Runners-Up

2019-20: 2009 Girls Presidents Cup Champs
2009 Girls Impact Tournament Champs
2009 Girls Jackson Hole Classic Champs
2009 Girls Adidas Cup Runners-Up

2018-19:  2007 Boys Second Place Metro B Finish
2007 Boys Presidents Cup Runners-up
2008 Girls Second Place Metro B Finish

2017-18:  2007 Boys First Place Metro C Finish
2008 Girls Second Place Metro C Finish
2008 Girls First Place Metro D Finish
2008 Girls Wasatch Cup Champs
2008 Girls MaxCup Champs
2008 Girls Rage Cup Runners-Up
2008 Girls Impact Tournament Runners-Up

2016-17: 2007 Boys Second Place Metro D Finish

2015-16: 2007 Boys First Year Coach
Coaching License: D
Years Coaching: 8
Coaching Experience: Recreation
Youth Competitive
High School
Playing Experience:  College
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