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Courtney Babb

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Soccer is one of my first loves and it holds so many fond memories for me. I have always loved working with kids and youth - I’ve been a nanny, a camp counselor, a teacher and I’m also a mom of 4. I love coaching soccer! As a coach I understand that I play an important role in the development of players on and off the field. Through learning the game of soccer and having fun doing so, players will also learn life lessons - integrity, hard work, overcoming adversity, teamwork and leadership. I want to help kids develop their soccer knowledge and skills, grow in their confidence and also help them be good humans! First and foremost, I care about my players as people and then as soccer players!
I seek to teach my players that failure is part of life and certainly part of soccer. It is an opportunity to learn and grow and it’s nothing they have to be afraid of. I will especially celebrate when my team plays brave and fearless. I want them to try hard things even when they are under pressure and the stakes feel high, even if what they try doesn’t work out. I believe this is how we grow and develop in this sport we love.
Coaching License: D
Years Coaching: 3
Coaching Experience: Recreation
Youth Competitive
Playing Experience:  High School
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